About Us

Localization, or language versioning or – to put it in a less formal way: dubbing, is something that has a long-standing tradition in Hungary, going back to the very beginnings of film and television history. It is safe to say: we always loved dubbing and never really loved watching movies (or television series for that matter) in a language we do not understand. This resulted in the creation of hundreds of thousands of hours of dubs. Some of these turned legendary.

So much legend.

For example, the dub of the popular Hannah-Barbera animation: The Flintstones.

Even in Hollywood: producers tipped their hat at the originality and creativity of that production, where a famous Hungarian poet (Jozsef Romhanyi) re-wrote the entire script using rhymes and tongue-twisters, while naturally sticking to the original meaning of the script word by word and staying true to the tradition of meticulously precise lip-sync.

The story goes on: back in the day not all episodes were bought by the then only television station in Hungary, the public station. So, when the commercial free to air channel TV2 bought further episodes, the bar was set high: the dubbing studio working on the task had to create this exact same atmosphere, complete with all the elements of rhymes, tongue-twisters and the humor that was essential of Romhanyi’s work on this project.

The problem? No problems. Except Jozsef Romhanyi had passed away by then. And still: the people working on the project at the studio found the right translator, used the same caliber voice actors and the majority of the original crew to fulfill what they were tasked with and come close to the legend. Needless to say: the production was a success.

Good thing these guys, who managed this work, are with us at Direct Dub Studios Kft. We know that we can never run into trouble. We can do whatever is possible with the highest quality possible. With the best state of the art equipment. With the professional acoustics. With the professional professionals. So much that is positive. And professional. Overuse of the word professional? It is customary in an About Us, isn’t it? But what not many can state as a fact:

We already proved that we can live up to the legend.

And be and create what we represent:

The Sound of Tradition